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Music from a Rockstar

Welcome to H. North´s website. Listen to some music, get the latest news or check out the store. Start by scrolling down!



Live shows that you don't want to miss!

  • 24 Nov

    H. North

    Hotell Mollberg, Helsingborg

    Sold Out
  • 16 Sep

    H. North & Hendess

    Grand Hôtel, Mölle

    Sold Out
  • 01 Sep

    H. North

    Grand Hôtel, Mölle

    Sold Out
  • 28 May

    H. North

    House Party, Lomma

    Sold Out
  • 08 Mar

    H. North & Hendess

    Malmö Live, Malmö

    Sold Out
  • 13 Jan

    H. North

    Marina Plaza, Helsingborg

    Sold Out
  • 22 Oct

    H. North

    Svenska mässan, Göteborg

    Sold Out
  • 21 Oct

    H. North & Hendess

    Svenska mässan, Göteborg

    Sold Out

Jets n' Yachts

How to book my Jet plane and Yacht.

Do you need a Jet plane for a week?

You have come to the right place! Since I don’t use it when I’m not touring, I decided to rent it out. The H. North Jet is comfy, exlusive and will take you anywhere in the World.

Contact jetsnyachts@hnorth.se for more information.

Do you need a Yacht for the weekend?

You have come to the right place! This is awesome if you are having a party and want the whole package.

Contact jetsnyachts@hnorth.se if you are interested!


Buy stuff, get them to your door, use them & enjoy.

  • 0.00 kr
    Anchor sticker
  • 400.00 kr
    Customized Hoodie
  • 500.00 kr
    The Rock Show – Tavla
  • 100.00 kr
    H. North – Nailed It CD
  • 200.00 kr
    T-shirt Black (Size in notes)
  • 250.00 kr
    H. North T-shirt (out of stock)
  • 5.00 kr
    Sticker White on Black
  • 5.00 kr
    Sticker Black on White


Why am I what I am? Find out here!

Who am I?

A Rockstar from Sweden that decided to make an album. It has been a great journey and this is just the beginning.

I have been playing music for a long time and it is finally time for me to record and produce my solo album. Last year I studied at Malmö Academy of Music to get ready for this project. I have gotten a lot of new tips and tricks that I will take with me for the album.

I started the band Pre Silence back in 2007 and have also been playing as a troubadour for plenty of years with live performances from Roskilde to Bilbao. I have released an EP with Pre Silence called Untitled One which you can find on your streaming service platform. You can also listen to some of my solo songs on youtube.

If you have any questions I would be glad to answer them via email or Facebook at any time.


Never hesitate to contact me for any questions. If you want to book me for gigs or have questions on why I do what I do. Please fill out the form bellow, I will answer in English, Swedish, German or Turkish.