Try Harder

Capo 5
Verse G, Em, C, D
Pre Chorus G, D, Em, C
Chorus G, D, Em, C (end w/ D-C)

Let me stay here to rest

let me put you through the test

let me think of the best

or let me burn like the rest

you got to keep walking tall

you got to know who you are

you got to fight through this walls

most of all you got to face your stars


Try harder now

and you will make it through it all

try harder now

some day you’ll know it was good to fall

after all


Find the thing that leads you

find what you believe

keep it and let it guide you

it gives you reason to believe

if your a million miles away

there is a million ways to pray

there is a million places to see

and a million hopes to believe


So go and talk to a stranger

but freeze away your anger

tell him what went wrong

or stay alone until the dawn

Because the wisdom is what guides your way

what made you want to stay

you better believe it now today

or let us pray to feel okay