Em, G, C, D

Weekend falls above the stars

people smile now that’s a start

they feel free from all their work

all the guys just want a flirt

but when it’s time to rule the bar

it goes bad when they drive their car

so bad, you will see

pain and misery from a tree


Somewhere back deep in my mind

I live my life as my own kind

I can’t believe my scars are there

I can’t believe but I see clear

what I know is that what I do

has a consequence and that is true

what I wish from everyday

is to see you smile like yesterday


Wake up now

live your life just do it smart

just wake up, right now

please wake up now

do your best, be who you are

please come back now

I wonder where you are


Broken steel, fire and death

is the only thing that’s left

laying next to a broken tree

lights and candles are left to be

many years is passing by

a lot of tears has caught my eyes

there’s only one thing left to say

don’t drink and drive it’s not okey