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Move on

Capo 3
G, D, Am, C, G, D C, C

It’s a new day and you wake up right here

it’s a new day and you wake up without fear

you feel alone but yet alive

it feels like home but not alike

you have to figure out what’s best for you


Life goes on

keep being strong

but it moves fast

so please don’t hold on too much to see

what used to be

or what you believed

what made you strong

so keep on fighting and just move on


It takes time to settle down with something new

it takes time to build up something that is true

you have to start with little things

and don’t hold on to diamond rings

looking forward is the best thing you can do


Remember what you still have that is real

it’s important to hold on to what you feel

is important in your life and is not worth sacrifice

there are still things that are to good to be true


It´s a new day and you wake up right here

it´s a new day and you wake up without fear

you feel alive it feels like home

it is alright to be alone

Cus time can heal a person that is blue

that is true

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