Lost n´ Gone

Capo 5
Verse Am, Am, C, G
Pre Chorus Em, G, D, D
Chorus Em, G, D, Am, Em, G, D, DI am speechless I cannot talk

fear is calling in the dark

fear of fire fear of ice

fear of freedom in disguise

fear is calling in our ears

skin and bones can disappear

in a place where I belong

this is where I’m lost and gone


I am lost and I am gone

in a place where I belong

I am lost to see the light

I must fight to make things right


Boneless people cannot fight

boneless people sees the light

I can’t die when I’m this young

all impressions would be lost and gone

I am speaking of a light

light of weakness light of lights

a shine that burns so you can’t see

see the pain that is left in me


Weakness strikes when you look back

weakness strikes you must attack

fight for glory and time

fight the people in your line

but most of all you can’t pretend

life’s a dream that God just sent

sent to you to give it back

give it back with your attack