Take me Home

Capo 3
Verse C, C, G, Gb (keep ring-finger at b3)
Chorus Em,  C, G, Gb (keep ring-finger at b3)

forget the things that made you burn

forget the fear deep in your in your heart

take my hand it’s a brand new start

so pack your things and you will see

a happy life just come with me

come on baby hold me tight

we will make it through the night


It’s time to get away

so take me home, take me away

it’s time to get up get up be strong

so come on away, take me home

take me home


One thousand miles from guns and fear

one thousand miles of joy my dear

one thousand miles with no return

don’t think back just live and learn

we are here to start a life

with nothing left to sacrifice

no more sorrow left to see

just a place where we feel free


It’s time to leave this home and run

it’s time to leave and bring a gun

it’s time to leave they’ve called our bluff

one thousand miles was not enough

you took my hand we ran away

to a safer place to stay

time again to start a life

with nothing left to sacrifice