Capo 5
G, C, Em, D

Scars reminds me of what I’ve done

they can tell me where I’m from

a scar can make my nightmares true

look for yourself what have happened to you

they make you think of what you’ve done

make you think of who you become

make you belive in your biggest fear

make you want to have somebody near


Reminds you of what you’ve done

and everything that you’ve seen

and all you’ve been through

to feel what you have done

to know what you belive

to see why you are here

in a life that feels too real


Cus you can’t delete what’s already there

you can’t delete what’s in your ears

even if it’s far away

it is true and leads the way

a way to newer and better things

a way to freedom with bigger dreams

a way to live another day

in a world of chaos anyway


You know it won’t go away

might get better from day to day

farer and farer away

it comes back

It will always be around you

a scar cannot leave you

they will stick with you til the end

so look back and don’t pretend